Woven structures help to build the framework of a garden. The simplest, such as cones, pyramids, espaliers and arches, which look so decorative in small corners, can also be used to support plants; large hurdles woven on an iron or wooden base create screens to divide or reshape an area, while edging hurdles are the protagonists of raised kitchen gardens and flowerbeds. Last but not least are benches where you can relax and enjoy your garden.

The woven structures are not standard products but are the result of constant cooperation with customers in order to decide on the ideal shape and size. This is the best part of the best of my work!

  • Hurdles


    Dividers, windbreaks, cachepots, gates, straight or arched doorways can be entirely woven or in bands. These are our principal products.
  • Random Hurdles

    Random Hurdles

    Randomly woven hurdles let more light through
  • Edging Hurdles

    Edging Hurdles

    These can be used to create flower beds, vegetable gardens, planters, or to define existing borders.
  • Living Willow Hedges

    Living Willow Hedges

    Not only hedges that grow in pots or in the ground but fun structures for children to play in such as tunnels, . . .
  • For climbing plants

    For climbing plants

    Different shapes to support climbing plants