Dividers, windbreaks, cachepots, gates, straight or arched doorways can be entirely woven or in bands. These are our principal products.

The hurdles can be created on a wooden or iron structure, densely woven or in bands. They can be used as dividing panels to enclose a space, separate one area from another, hide an unattractive view or cover pots and planters on terraces. The iron used as a base gives solidity to the structure and is entirely covered by the woven willow; the iron rod visible at the edges is painted to match the colour of the willow rods. This provides a smarter finish, making the hurdles suitable for decorating urban terraces which will almost resemble large baskets.

Hurdles woven on wooden structures made of chestnut branches are more rustic, irregular in dimension and ideal for use as fences or dividers in houses in a rural environment.