The Salix genus consists of about 300 species, ranging from the majestic tree to the humble creeping plant and boasts an astounding variety of shapes and colours.

In 2000 I established Salix, a small centre where I grow and experiment with willow, both as a material for weaving structures and as an ornamental plant. As I work with my willows I find it immensely satisfying to have mastered techniques that have been in use for hundreds of years. I started out making small baskets, and today I use the skills I have acquired to create ornamental structures for gardens.

Anna Patrucco

The Castle Garden

The Castle Garden

Our woven structures in the medieval garden of Palazzo Madama in Turin.


Dividers, windbreaks, cachepots, gates, straight or arched doorways can be entirely woven or in bands. These are our principal products.
Edging Hurdles

Edging Hurdles

These can be used to create flower beds, vegetable gardens, planters, or to define existing borders.

Orticolario 2018

Cernobbio - Villa Erba Oct 5th -7th 2018

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Flor Autunno 2018

Torino - Via Carlo Alberto 13 -14 Ottobre

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Due Giorni per l'Autunno

Masino Castle (Turin) - Oct20th-21st

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